At our June 18, 2018 Quarterly Morning Network Meeting at the PJS/Terryville Chamber of Commerce Train Car, members were treated to a presentation by Tami DeLauro, on Protecting Your Assets and Healthcare. The breakfast meeting was sponsored by the Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Thank you!


Tami DeLauro, a long time member of the Port Jefferson Station Chamber of Commerce, is owner and operator of Center for Elder Services LLC– Port Jefferson Station.

People of all ages and backgrounds have come to her and her team and received the guidance and services on a wide range of issues.  The comprehensive over view we had asked of her dealt primarily with protecting ones assets  – an important topic for our professional individuals and business owners.  The information we received was mind bending; Now, ‘Entitlement planning’ has great new meaning to us. She has this stuff, down!

As the meeting ended, a member remarked, “…I wish I had spoken to you years ago!’ and another, ‘I’m making an appointment with you – expect a call later today.”

Tami and her staff have been in the business for over 25 years, writing the book, so to speak, as Long Island services, ngos and programs have developed and the parameters of Medicaid and Medicare have morphed.  She is at the leading edge of information on Long Island.  The services they provide are

We are thankful for her presentation  -and members of the PJSTville Chamber of Commerce are psyched that they have her number.