Buttercup’s Dairy, owned by Rich Smith and family, is located at 285 Boyle Road at the corner of Old Town Road.  They are a long time loyal member of our Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce. The bonny red building is the stalwart edifice of the Terryville community. The original 1935 dairy farm established by Smith’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Kroll, extended more than 50 acres. It was engaged in a vigorous regional dairy trade. Local needs led the family to selling food staples.

Sitting on several serene acres today, and free of the cattle once known for, the interior of Buttercup’s is refurbished. We find a variety of organic eggs, chicken, beef, dairy, nut and soy milks, grocery and health food items, ice, cold cuts, cakes, seasonal chocolate candy specialties and sundries. Outside we enjoy the benches for eating lunch and the Little Free Library kiosk. It is also adorned with poster sized photographs of what the farm and grounds looked like years ago. Shopping there is a treat. They often supply the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce with cookies and cakes and their mascot, ‘Speedy Cow’ for fundraisers.

So what happens to business at Buttercup’s, amid a global pandemic? This community known historically as, ‘the land of steady habits’ and ‘the place where many paths meet’ could only be thus, “This community has been great,“says Rich.

Physical adjustments made inside protect everyone, meet CDC and state guidelines, and are met with appreciation by customers. The call-in order system for cold cuts is working well; no congregating on either side of the deli case, which keeps staff and patrons safe. It is easy to stop in for fast service.  Swing by to pick up dinner with local zucchini and tomatoes and a whole fresh watermelon or a pie for dessert.

Open every day from 8am – 6pm. COVID safety procedures are in place.