Our Santa has credentials! Though currently checking his list twice on a chaise lounge under a palm somewhere, Tom Z. the man behind, I Believe in Santa, Inc. is a professional. Not only has he charisma that wows attendees at all christmas-y events, he literally has a degree in ‘Santa’. Tom and wife Judy are professionals; Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce directors were fortunate to connect with them a couple of years ago. As Port Jefferson Station residents, they came to the rescue when several spots needed to be filled at fundraisers. The red-clad, white-haired Ho Ho Happy duo, volunteered several shifts as the key attraction at showings of Polar Express film at the Train Car.

“I’m a big kid myself,” says Tom. “I’ve worked years in the school and donated time at their events. Performing as Santa was an idea I had often toyed with, trying out a few times. Once, a quiet young student came and asked, “Can I get a ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’? This positivity is what it’s about for us,” he added. “I love the smiles and expressions of happiness on people of all ages when they see Santa and Mrs. Claus.”

Tom’s manner as Santa is noteworthy and sought after due in part to his graduation from Professional Santa Claus School in Colorado, as well as his years experience before a crowd. Formally known as Tom Z., he had a long career on local Karaoke circuit. The pivot to I Believe in Santa, Inc. was a natural next step, allowing for off season travel.

“I am glad we joined the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce. It makes the best connection between businesses and the community that I adore,” Judy said at a recent network meeting. “Having taught kindergarten and first grade for 32 years, I have seen the need for providing a space for children to exercise their imagination. I Believe in Santa, Inc. is right at home with the chamber events.” We agree.

You can reach I Believe in Santa, Inc. through fb, instagram, IbelieveinSantaLI.com, 631.235.0034, or 631.805.2387.