We have good business news on several fronts, thanks to the appearance on the scene of Your CBD Store. The newest member of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce has brightened our Main Street with a posh retail shop, at #590 Patchogue Rd/Rte 112. Those of us of a certain age remember the location as the former Jack in the Box restaurant, opposite Moloney Funeral Home. The first floor shop is welcoming, and so is the guest service team.

I spoke with owner Dee Earle Browning who explained that she is thrilled to be here, helping people. She has customers with a variety of ailments and gets to know each one. “Your CBD Store is a company with health and wellness at its core. We aim to solve problems, educate, and connect people with a product that is right for them. We are about helping build our business community.” We can attest to that. Your CBD Store is the primary sponsor of the 2021 Free Summer Concerts at the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce Train Car Park. They also teamed up with co-member, Corrective Chiropractic for a health/wellness event. Thank you.

Their organic, high quality products are being used for insomnia, soothe anxious pets, abate a muscle ache and offset a depressed mood. Some people use the product to help their children who have ADHD or Autism, Browning explained. The franchise store is just the second on Long Island, selling products by SunMed. All products are made in the USA.

The Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting on July 23rd for Your CBD Store. “We know that chambers of commerce are important advocates for business. The directors of the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce have been exceptional. They are supportive, connected through business networks, and municipal offices. They’re knowledgeable and have shown an appreciation for me, my family and my products. I am thrilled to be associated with them,” said Dee.

Look for their daily specials on Facebook and Instagram, call 631.828.3877, or stop in at the corner of Rte 112 and Terryville Road.