After speaking with Dave Jenkins, owner of Sunburst Tree Experts, I recalled a quote; it may have been Teddy Roosevelt who said, ‘..To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as a people, we must have trees.’

Providing professional tree care, and educating his clients on the many benefits of trees, are part of the calling for Dave Jenkins. He explained recently how he is, ‘…saving as many trees as he can’ on every job. Dave is also a generous individual. He participated in the Great Brookhaven Clean up, donating his time, talent and truck, chipping lots of deadwood around the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce Train Car.

The staff of Sunburst Tree Experts are dedicated to staying one step ahead of the game and have been, since 1974. Whether you need expert pruning, tree evaluation and removal, installation, or storm cleanup you’ll always have a certified, licensed and insured arborist on site. Dave requires his employees to complete ongoing continuing education classes. “It is necessary to know the latest technology and information, to maintain the health of trees not only for our clients but the greater community,’ said Dave.

In addition to being a loyal member and volunteering with the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce, Dave pruned back all the dead branches at the American Legion Hall in Port Jefferson Station for free. For a free estimate from a friendly tree expert, you can contact Dave at Sunburst Tree Experts 631-744-1577 or visit their website.