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Joan Nickeson, former teacher and member of the Comsewogue School District PTSA. Joan is also an active board member and our blog writer.
Daffodil Dash Fundraiser

Daffodil Dash Fundraiser

Daffodil Dash Fundraiser organized by member Emerald Magic Landscaping and Old Town Blooms’ with support from our sponsors and friends!

PJS/T Chamber of Commerce Easter Egg Hunt

PJS/T Chamber of Commerce Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday April 16, 2022, Chamber Train Car Park, Port Jefferson Station-1200 hidden eggs were found!

Thanks to our sponsors and help from Bass Electric, Emerald Magic Landscaping, Dr.Yonks, Sobol, The Meadow Club, Cumsewogue Historical Society, Dr.Carnes, Flushing Bank, State Farm and friends from Boy Scout Troop 1776, and Snap Shot L.I. read more…

PJS/T Chamber Park Clean up with Old Town Blooms…

PJS/T Chamber Park Clean up with Old Town Blooms…

PJS/T Chamber Park Clean up with Old Town Blooms and Sunburst, Girl Scout Troop 3068 and 1897, Team Perrone Realty, StateFarm, and lots chamber members, friends and families.

Below, Craig den Hartog, Andrew Schmadtke, Hailey Hayes of Old Town Blooms set bamboo guides around the daffodils at our Train Car Park.

Below Expert help from Michael Thebner and the crew of Sunburst Tree Experts

GS Troop 3068:

and in between, the best,  helpful mix of friends, families and PJS/T Chamber of Commerce members . Thanks to you, it’s working!

Donations 2021

Donations 2021

Making a capital improvement donation for our 1914 Train Car and our flag fund is always greatly appreciated. Our Port Jefferson Station/ Terryville Chamber of Commerce has the honorable task of maintaining the antique baggage car, the treed grounds of the Train Car Park and one of the most notable flagpoles in Brookhaven township. Whether it’s on Giving Tuesday, Arbor Day, Veteran’s Day, an anniversary or a date that is meaningful to you, please consider a donation through the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce, a 501c4. PJS/T Chamber of Commerce-We mean business.

Census 2020

Census 2020

After attending a recent workshop on the upcoming Census2020, I spoke with a couple of our Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce members on the topic.  They came to the same conclusions; a correct count on the 2020 Census is critical for our community and our state as a whole.

Click here to learn more

One member, a high profile investor said of the census data, “…this was one tool we used to figure out where to invest time and resources.”

A correct counts helps to make sure our neighborhoods – to whom we market,  get the funding needed for schools, parks, child nutrition programs and more.  A fortified community is necessary to support business and investment.
The Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Chamber of Commerce encourages you and your employees to participate.  The data collected is protected and participating early means no need for census takers to visit you at home.  Replying by mail and phone is also an option and in many languages. Visit to learn more about the 2020 Census – how to respond, and why it matters.
There are opportunities for census jobs as well/

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